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Triple Fit Studio is located in the Lucana Artist Loft Development in the Pilsen Neighborhood.  The idea behind the project was to create a branded space for our client on a limited budget.  The focus was on using as much of the existing space as possible while making the space distinctly Triple Fit. What started as a simple design project turned into a design/build experiment with extremely satisfying results.  We accomplished our goal by creating a “Branded Wall”.  Starting with retooling the logo, we worked with the client to determine a color scheme that could be carried throughout the brand.   Then, we worked on how we could organize the space efficiently.  The client knew the equipment that was needed, so we turned our attention to much needed storage solutions. We used basic building materials, such as wood and concrete block to accomplish this.  Due to the limited budget of $2500, SDU acted as designers and general contractors. There was no money to hire trades people so in order to save the client money, we executed the design ourselves, turning the project into a design build project.  The result was an efficient and welcoming space that represents the Triple Fit’s identity.

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