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Ujamaa Construction Inc. is a minority owned and operated Chicago-based construction company.  Ujamaa’s objectives for its new headquarters were clear: create a practical, energy efficient, sustainable space in an abandoned building on Chicago’s Southside.  The project team utilized numerous strategies to create an environmentally friendly, inviting contemporary space for Ujamaa’s employees and, their clients. The strategies incorporated an interior layout that includes natural light in the majority of workspaces, installation of energy efficient lighting fixtures, controls and occupation sensors. Utilization of environmentally sensitive finishes, furnishes and appliances, which included reclaimed doors, interior glazing and, wood planks that are treated with low-VOC finishes.  An extensive green roof will cover 50% of the existing roof.  Low emitting indoor air adhesives, sealants and paint were used as well as an energy star certified refrigerator, dishwasher, printers and other appliances. The reuse of building products, materials and, the building’s core and shell in order to reduced the overall energy consumption and demand of the project; the project team was able to divert over 75% of all construction waste. Upon receiving LEED Certification, Ujamaa Construction will be the second building in the South Shore to do so.  The construction cost was approximately $800,000 dollars.

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